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2021-11-19 · Our Siegling Prolink modular belt range has a variety of With various possibilities for coatings and the appli-cation of cams and profiles, Siegling Proposition timing belts can be used for varied tasks where form-fit grip is required. Rapid acceleration in stop-and-go operation with extreme punctual loads place high demands on the belts used.

Siegling Extremultus – High efficiency flat belts

High efficiency flat belts. – Siegling Extremultus. Siegling Extremultus flat belts are easy to handle and track superbly even at high speeds. Available in various designs they enhance power transmission and conveying in many industries. The structure of the tension member and top face and underside coatings define the characteristics of the ...

Siegling Belting – Airports

siegling transilon conveyor and processing belts siegling transtex conveyor belts The majority of the world''s airports use Forbo Movement Systems products to convey air freight and baggage. When it comes to equipping international airports with conveyor and processing belts, there are good reasons why Forbo Movement Systems is the market leader.

Siegling Belting – Textiles

The fabric design and coating customise the mechanical, chemical and electrostatic characteristics of each belt type. We can offer you the right type of belt for all types of fabric conveying and other stages in nonwoven manufacture. siegling prolink modular belts Siegling Prolink are very robust and durable plastic modular belts.

Siegling Transilon

The standard Siegling Transilon construction consists of polyester fabric as tension member with synthetic or elastomer coatings. Siegling Transilon is used successfully in industrial, commercial and service companies worldwide. The …

Siegling Belting – Wood

Pre-press belts Ventilation belts Forbo Siegling pre-press belts have a highly modular tension member, made of aramide fabric with a tensile force of approx. 140 N/mm at operational elongation. So they are suitable for heavy pre-presses with a nip pressure of up to 3000 N/cm and belt pull of up to 1800 N/cm. - Minimal expansion of the mat ...

Siegling Belting – Textiles

Ensure quality, boost productivity In close cooperation with textile producers and manufacturers of the machinery, Forbo Movement Systems develops power transmission and conveyor belts for yarn and textile production. As a leading manufacturer, our products and services help make machinery and processes more flexible and productive worldwide. – efficient production – …

Forbo Siegling, LLC. | Conveyor Belting

Forbo Siegling is a global industry leader in supplying high-quality conveyor belts, processing belts, plastic modular belts, power transmission belts, and timing and flat belts made of synthetic materials. Our belts can be found in a variety of industries and applications, such as conveyor and processing belts in the food industry, treadmills ...

Siegling Belting – Logistics

Inclined conveying Curved conveying Even with smooth belt surfaces the goods can be conveyed on a slope. The conveying angles that can be used here depend on the type of goods, the top face coating and external influences such as dust, moisture etc. Forbo Siegling''s curved belts are suitable for all types of belt tracking systems and are used on the conveyors of many …

Siegling Belting – Tobacco

The Forbo Siegling Quality Management System is ­ ertified in accordance with ISO 9001. c Metrik · Werbeagentur · Hannover · Technologiemarketing · Corporate Design · Technical Content Siegling – total belting solutions Forbo Siegling service – anytime, anywhere The Forbo Siegling Group employs more than 2,000 people.

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